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Row Crops

If you farm Row Crops like wheat, corn, cotton, carrots, onions etc., you would probably agree that row crop data tracking can be very cumbersome. What makes Row Crop data information tracking more work intensive, is that Row Crop fields could have up to three or more crops per year. Often, the current crop has not been harvested yet, but you already need to plan what will be planted next.

Agnote application makes Row Crop planning very quick and easy. At the glance, you will see what was planted previously, what is planted currently and there will be a spot waiting for you to fill-in, the next crop you are planning to plant.

In Agnote’s Row Crops page, you will quickly be able to view, add or edit fallowing information for each field:

  • A Row Crop dashboard, that will give you a quick over view of Row Crop related information.
  • Planted crop and variety
  • Date planted or harvest and how many days the crop was in the ground
  • What inputs have been applied

Permanent Crops

Nice thing about Permanent Crops is, that the crop related information will need to be entered once for many years. In our application, even the initial crop data entry is very quick and intuitive. Agnote allows you to save detailed row crop information, like varieties (%) per field, rootstock, what nursery the plants came from, inputs, crop related files and irrigation information.

Permanent Crops will typically require more manual labor tasks like pruning, tying, tipping, etc. You will be able to track all manual labor tasks performed in orchards. Agnote application allows you to record who, when, where what tasks were performed and how long it took. Better yet, Agnote provides you a mobile application through which your crew lead will be able to enter completed tasks. Additionally, reports can be setup which will be emailed to selected persons with a quick update on labor crew progress.

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